Spring break OEK



Finally spring break is upon us and OEK want to celebrate this with a party! 
Want to join us at Rodeløkka Velhus 24.April 18-22? Please do! There will be competitions, cake and maybe even some hotdogs up for grabs.

Please bring some beers, whine or what ever you would like to drink. The party at Rodeløkka Velhus will need to end 22:00, but for those who want to keep on partying we´ll continue this at Grunderløkka or a place near by. This will be updated later.

Please join the facebookevent as well:  https://www.facebook.com/events/344185642440706/

Hope to see you all there!

Note; You will not be served dinner, so please eat that before you arrive!

Bassengtreninger 2020/2021

For tiden har vi desverre ikke fått bassengtid hos Oslo Kommune